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This blog is about earning money online. There are a lot of ways to earn money, and the most likely to me is to use affiliates programs. So I'll try to publish all things that could help you to gain more from your site or blog.

Dynamic Web Site Affiliate Sales Program

I'm pleased to announce and their Affiliate Sales Program. This program provides affiliates with a chance to gain by offering associates the chance to buy Dynamic Web Sites. Affiliates both offer their associates with state-of-the-art website engineering and produce an on-going revenue flow.

Your Revenue Opportunity as Affiliate

Under the program, Mediate. com will share 20% 0f the current recurring revenue received from sales of Dynamic Websites to referred clients for a period of five years. As our Dynamic Websites are presently priced at $50/month, this means that Affiliates can obtain upward to $120 per year for each referred customer.

For Affiliate organizations desiring to give some of this fiscal welfare along to their members, there is an unconventional fiscal agreement whereby: (1) original referred clients obtain available facility of their website and an available best month of service; and (2) the Affiliate Organization receives 10% 0f the current recurring revenue from sale of the structure.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliates offer their associates with data regarding the Dynamic Web Sites. This can be done in any amount of ways (e. g. , data posted on website, newsletter announcements, mailings, data provided at conferences, trainings and new events.

What about Affiliates Support?

Our finish is to have Affiliates as productive as potential. We offer our affiliates with a kind of resources to assist them enforce the plan. This includes Dynamic Web Site brochures, graphical links that can be placed on Affiliate Web Sites, sampling newsletter
announcements, and sample text describing the program. As part of the Affiliate Program, we will conduct a kick-off meeting with each Affiliate to familiarize them with available resources and to discuss next steps.

More info and Sign Up Page

If you are interested in learning more about or registering for the Affiliate Program, please contact John Helie at More information regarding the program is posted at For Terms and Conditions see

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