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This blog is about earning money online. There are a lot of ways to earn money, and the most likely to me is to use affiliates programs. So I'll try to publish all things that could help you to gain more from your site or blog.

Affiliate Tips

1. Last Call for Affiliate Summit Passes

Good news - we were able to get a little more space for Affiliate Summit 2007 East. Emphasis on "a little."

Registrations are back open for now, but we cannot make any guarantees on how long this will last. It's first come, first serve - sorry, we can't hold any passes for you.

Register at

2. Apple to Affiliates: Bite Me

Ever since the initial announcement of the iPhone, I was anxious to promote it as an affiliate. With all of the hype, I figured I couldn't miss making some affiliate cash off of it.

But I didn't think of one potential hurdle - that Apple wouldn't let me promote it .

I was checking daily for the past week or so for some creative to promote the iPhone. I figured they would have dozens of options. Text links, animated and static banners, etc.

Lots of affiliates were criticizing Apple, since their affiliate program only pays 1%. But I was sure the volume potential for the iPhone would render that issue meaningless.

I checked for one last time at noon EST on Friday, June 29. It was just six hours until the release of the iPhone. Still nothing.

So I wrote a note to the Apple affiliate program manager to ask if there would be any iPhone creative or direct links. No response to date.

The launch of the iPhone came and went. My Apple affiliate links pointed to the Apple Store homepage. I never pushed the offer.

I suppose we'll see iPhone creative at some point, as the hype dies down and Apple isn't getting all the organic traffic anymore. Count me as one of many who won't be lining up to promote the iPhone for 1% commission when the early adopters have already snatched it up.

3. Video in Affiliate Marketing

The July 2007 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine includes a short article on video, "Now See This: Online video can breathe new life into your business ."

The article, on page 30, mentions some things we're doing with Affiliate Summit and video.

Also, there is a picture in there of me in action - playing around with video in my office. That's Wil Reynolds, Associate of SEER Interactive, over my shoulder.

He'll be speaking on SEO Site Critiques at Affiliate Summit 2007 East. And, of course, we'll be capturing it on video and making it available for all to see.

Check out the article at

4. Affiliate Program News

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5. Inside the Google Pay Per Action Beta

Lisa Picarille and myself welcomed Rob Kniaz, Product Manager at Google, for the latest episode of Affiliate Thing.

Topics discussed criteria for advertisers to participate in the Google Pay Per Action beta, ad formats, and whether Google considers AdWords and AdSense to be affiliate marketing.

We also touched on the LinkShare Golden Link Awards and Symposium, affiliates promoting the iPhone, using SMS as a marketing tool, and a preview of Affiliate Summit 2007 East.

Listen to this episode now. The Affiliate Thing show airs weekly on Wednesdays at noon EST. Tune in at http://www.WebmasterRadio.FM.

If you'd like to call in to the Affiliate Thing show, dial up 866-345-6631 between 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm EST on Wednesdays.

Subscribe to the Affiliate Thing RSS feed or send a blank e-mail to to get each podcast delivered by e-mail.

6. Texting Your Affiliate Links

There is a lot of talk about Affiliate 2.0 and harnessing technology to grow affiliate businesses, but how can you really do it?

Reactee shirts for marketing affiliate links via SMS.Video is showing lots of potential, and mobile phone marketing has an exciting future, but both have associated learning curves and other barriers to entry.

How about t-shirts? Doesn't sound so glorious, right? Well maybe that's because you haven't heard of Reactee.

Reactee is a company that enables you to create a t-shirt with a call to action to send a text message to get more information about a given subject.

When people text a word of your choosing, they get an auto-response to their phone of up to 120 characters from you.

For instance, you could create a shirt with the name of your favorite band, wear it to a concert for them, and have your affiliate link in the text response to sell their ringtones or something.

Reactee provides you with a log of all of the SMS requests, messages posted by people to your account, and more. Give it a try.

As always, I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a line and let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.

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