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A collection of strange links on

Although Google is a search engine, they are also a website. They, themselves, have millions of pages indexed, some are to services they provide and others are to random things on Google. I was digging around Google and I ended up finding at lot of random things, so I decided to compile a list of strange Google links. Enjoy!

If you ever wondered all the misspellings of Britney Spears and their volume, you must check this out.

These two links are to fun Google games. The first is on Easter and the second is about Valentines Day.

Everything works on this page, but it seems like the text has been converted to some sort of hacker text.

The MentalPlex search does not require you to type a query to conduct a search, instead it anticipates your request by evaluating over 1.3 billion variables.

If you are thirsty, you might want to check out the Google Gulp. I hope they come out with this.

These are registry files for IE. I would have never expected to see them on Google.

This page is a tribute to Google moms. Can you guess which Googler belongs to which mom?

I think this page has something to do with the "I am feeling lucky" button.

This page looks like a search interface for a cell phone or some sort of portable device.

Google currently does not have an online file backup application that I know about, but this page references it.

These pages reference customizable Google homepages for partner companies.

I am not sure what this page is about, but it might have something to do with IE.

It is interesting to see the number of elements pages usually have.

This is a custom page for the Amgen Tour of California with live updates.

Translate text from one language to another.

This page shows that Google has 3 billion documents indexed that you can search. Their current number of indexed documents is probably a lot larger.

These are Google logos that were made by Google fans.

This looks like another page that might be related to IE.

It seems like Google has coding contest with a good pay out.

The Librarian Center is a page that talks about how Google and librarians have the same goal of organizing information in a more useful and universal fashion.

Dream India is a page that discusses Arvind Jain's life, Googler that managers Google’s R&D team in Bangalore.

Google Copernicus Center is a lunar hosting and research center opening in 2007.

Google tells you that you can block bots in your robots.txt file. This document shows what Google blocks off.

Scott Adams created some doodles of Dilbert and Google.

These 5 links are to topic specific Google search engines. You can search just on Mac, Microsoft or even Linux stuff.

Meet some Googlers and check out their profiles.

If you have seen any other strange or interesting Google links, feel free to leave a comment with the link.

  1. # Anonymous dz

    Cool list. I especially liked the user submitted logos. You could really see how dated some of them were.  

  2. # Blogger Affiliate programs guide

    Thanks dz! I tried to get some useful for you. As for me, I liked these links:
    The fist one contains useful statistics and the second one is like Netvibes I'm using now.  

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